Cheating Death Since 1980

Count on Colin Fong to make awesome stunts look effortless

Decades of Experience in Making Spectacular Stunts Happen

Colin C.L. Fong has been in the stunt business since 1980, helping add action-packed scenes to numerous films, television shows, and even video games. As a veteran stuntman and actor, Colin has been flung into the air, hit by bullets and explosions, gotten into fights, and driven cars at high speed before crashing spectacularly into the scenery.

Expert Stunt Coordinator for Various Projects

Colin has also acted as stunt coordinator for everything from commercials to sports events. Some of the work he’s done includes managing cliff dives for Air Canada and assisting in motion-capture work for the popular video game Final Fantasy 8.

Background in Martial Arts and Sports

Colin believes that the secret to a great stunt is to be in total control even if it looks out of control. His diverse background in sports and martial arts has provided him the creativity and skill to do even the deadliest stunts. Colin’s wealth of experience has also helped in his roles as Vice President of the Hawaii Stunt Association and as a member of the SAG-AFTRA National Stunt Committee.